Love, Amelia’s Painty Prints Challenge

We took on the Captain Tom 100 and set a challenge to see who could make the most painty hand or foot prints in 100 seconds 🤲👣
We have loved seeing the work of the little artists who have helped raise money for Love, Amelia.  Thank you to everyone who took part in the challenge, the person who made the most painty prints won a special prize.  Watch the video see the artists in action and find out who won our challenge. 
 If you don’t have any paint at home, why not try making some homemade, edible paint which is safe for babies and toddlers.
Follow the below recipe, courtesy of Learning4Kids to make your own paint at home. It can be stored in the fridge covered with cling wrap for up to 2 weeks. As the paint recipe does not have any preservative in it, it is important to check that the paint has not expired before giving it to children.

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